What kinds of things should I write into the “special directives and limitations” section of my living will or medical power of attorney?

If you have any particular wishes regarding the treatment of your body, you may detail them in this section of the living will or medical power of attorney. For example, you may strongly oppose the idea of giving or receiving organ donations because of your religious beliefs. Or you may not wish to receive any blood or blood products from another human being. 

Because modern medical treatment continues to expand, it is important to consider what kinds of treatment are acceptable to you. The following is a list of types of medical techniques or treatments that you may wish to consider when making out a living will or a medical power of attorney. Also, there may be other types of medical treatment not on this list that you wish to avoid. If you feel strongly about these or any other kind of medical treatment, you may wish to indicate your preferences regarding these treatments in the special directives and limitations sections of your living will or medical power of attorney. 

•organ donation or anatomical gift 
•cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) 
•mechanical respiration (breathing machine) 
•feeding tube or other artificial/invasive form of nutrition (food) or hydration (water) 
•blood or blood products 
•surgery or invasive diagnostic techniques  
•kidney dialysis 

Information about things to consider in executing medical advance directives is available at http://www.wvendoflife.org and http://www.wvethics.org. (last visited June 1, 2015)