How do I get security deposit back at the end of my lease?

A landlord may collect a security deposit in order to pay for potential damages to the property or failure to pay rent. If you have not caused any damage or fallen behind in your rent you are entitled to get your security deposit returned to you. 

The landlord has either 60 days from the end of your tenancy or 45 days from the time the property is re-rented (whichever is shorter) to return your security deposit minus any costs for damages beyond normal wear and tear or other charges. If the landlord keeps any of the security deposit, an itemized list of damages and charges must be supplied at the time that the remainder of the deposit is returned. 

These rights are not waivable, so language in your lease that would take away these rights is not valid.

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For more information, see: W. Va. Code §§37-6A-1 through 6 (2015), 63 A.L.R. 4th 901