Glossary L

Lemon Law – A West Virginia law that protects buyers of new cars by allowing refunds for cars which are inherently faulty.

lien – In property law, an interest in the proceeds of the sale of particular property.

life estate – Ownership of property which only lasts as long as the person is alive. After the death of the life tenant, the property either goes back to the grantor or passes to the remainderman.

life-prolonging intervention – Any medical procedure which serves only to artificially prolong the dying process or maintain the person in a persistent vegetative state.

liquidation bankruptcy – See Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

living will – A document created before a person becomes incapacitated which says that in the event that he is ever terminally ill or in a permanent vegetative state, it is his wish not to receive life-prolonging intervention.

Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) – A state program administered by the Department of Health and Human Resources which distributes federal money to eligible individuals who are unable to pay for their utilities. This assistance only applies to utilities related to heating, such as gas, electricity, oil and wood burning.