Glossary I

In Forma Pauperis – The permission given to a poor person to proceed in court without incurring court fees or costs. The form to complete is often called a Pauper’s Affidavit.

incompetence – The inability, because of physical or mental impairment, to appreciate the nature and implications of a decision, or to make an informed choice regarding the alternatives presented and to communicate that choice unambiguously.

indigent – Being financially unable to support oneself.

insurable interest
– An interest in specific property to such a degree that the individual gains an advantage or benefit by its preservation and continued existence, or would sustain a substantial loss from its destruction.

interlineations – The act of writing between the lines of a document, such as a will.

intestate – Dying without a will.

irrevocable trust
– A trust that an individual sets up which restricts his or her access to the principal.