Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy


The goals of this policy are:

1) to more effectively achieve our mission as a legal services program by creating a diverse and supportive environment for all WVSLA personnel, including Board, staff, interns, volunteers,
2) to include and foster the uniqueness of people of all abilities and disabilities, ages, class backgrounds, colors, faiths, genders, job categories, class statuses, national origins, races and sexual orientations in our program,
3) to create an environment that allows for open communication about differences and empowers each individual to do his or her best work on behalf of clients,
4) to increase the representation and diversity of members of protected groups among both our employees, our clients, and the organizations with whom we do
business, and
5) to ensure that staff are not discriminatory in their treatment of each other and of clients as individuals, and in the acceptance or handling of cases.

Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

This legal services program is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of age, class, color, disability, faith, gender, job category, national origin, race, or sexual orientation in hiring, supervision, training opportunities, promotion and transfer, work conditions, or termination.

WVSLA’s commitment to equal opportunity, diversity, and anti-discrimination is ongoing. WVSLA will periodically analyze the representation of under-represented groups in our Board membership, employees, and clients, and will make efforts to remediate discrepancies.