What is a will?

What is a holographic will?

What is an oral will?

How do I update, change, or revoke my will?

What does the executor of a will do?

Can a beneficiary of a will also be an executor (personal representative) of the will?

Can a beneficiary of a will also be a witness to the will?

When I die, how will my will be used to distribute my property?

Will my beneficiaries have to pay taxes on their inheritance?

Is there a way to transfer my house and land after I die without it going through probate?

Where is the best place to keep my will?

Do I have to register my will at the courthouse?

Do I have to leave something in my will to my children?

Do I have to include my spouse in my will?

My spouse died and his/her name is still on the deed to our home. Do I have to change the deed?

What is my share of my spouse’s estate if my spouse dies without a will?

Can I make a will in West Virginia if I own property in another state?

Is a will that is executed in another state valid after I move to West Virginia?

Does my will become invalid if a witness to my will dies?

What is a self-proving will?

Can I administer a small estate by myself, or should I get an attorney?

What is a living trust?

My spouse died and I was almost completely left out of my spouse’s will. Is there anything I can do?

What is a pre-paid funeral contract?

What happens to my digital media like pictures and profiles on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter after I die?