Workers from the power company came onto my land without my permission and cut down tree branches because they said the branches were in the way of the electric lines. Do they have to pay me for the damage?

The branches from my neighbor’s tree are growing into my yard. Do I have a right to cut them?

My neighbor wants to build a fence and he/she expects me to pay for half of it. Do I have to share the cost?

My neighbor blasts music at all hours. Is there anything I can do to make him stop?

My neighbor is doing some excavation work on his property. What happens if the foundation of my house slips because of the lack of support?

I live below my neighbor, and when it rains the water flows down onto my property causing flooding. Can I build a dam or other drainage system to prevent this?

My neighbor dug up some of my shrubs and flowers. Can I recover damages from him/her?

I can’t find a state law about my neighbor problem, but there must be a remedy. What can I do?