Is public housing equipped for the needs of senior citizens?

May I keep a pet in public housing?

Can I break my lease before the term of the lease has expired?

How do I get security deposit back at the end of my lease?

Can I get all or part of my security deposit back if I break my lease but I leave the premises clean and in good shape?

What happens if I die during the course of my residential rental lease?

I live in government-subsidized housing. How do I file a complaint against my landlord?

I rent an apartment that needs a lot of repairs. What are my landlord’s duties, and what can I do if he does not fix the apartment?

I am a landlord and one of my tenants left his apartment and all of his things and hasn’t returned. Can I re-enter the apartment? What should I do with his property?

What is the difference between co-ownership and co-ownership with the right of survivorship?

Before my spouse died he/she set up his/her affairs so that I can live in our home as long as I live, but when I die, my stepchild will own it. What does that mean, and who is responsible for repairs?

My spouse gave me a life estate in our home. Am I responsible for paying insurance premiums and taxes on the property? Am I responsible for paying the mortgage?

The utility companies are about to shut off my utilities because I cannot pay the bills. What should I do?

The utility company came onto my land to run power lines. Does the company have a duty to repair the damages it did in the process?