My income is limited. Are there programs that can help me afford my medications?

I bought a new car, and it has continuously given me trouble. Can I return it and get a new car?

I paid for auto repairs, and my car still isn’t working properly. What rights do I have?

What is an escrow account…

…And do I need one?

I received a bill from a credit card company which I believe has a mistake in it. How do I get it straightened out?

I have basic cable television service. The cable company notified me that it is adding new stations and charging an increased fee. Do I have to pay the extra charge if I do not want the new stations?

I recently received an offer from an oil and gas company about leasing my land to them. What should I do next?

When can I cancel a contract that I have already signed?

I purchased a defective wheelchair two months ago, and the company I bought the wheelchair from refuses to fix it or return my money. Do I have any recourse?

I had dentures made by a dentist, and they do not fit properly. I have gone back several times and have had to pay for additional work, and they still do not fit properly. What can I do?

I recently bought a hearing aid. I got a really good deal on it, but now it is not working properly. Is there anything I can do?

My home was recently damaged in a flood, and now I have to hire a contractor to work on my house. How do I pick one? Is there anything I should watch for?

I am dissatisfied with the work performed by a home improvement contractor. What are my rights?

Do I need a lawyer to represent me in the sale or purchase of land?

I received something in the mail that I did not order. Do I have to pay for it or send it back?

What is identity theft and how can I protect my identity from being stolen?

What type of information does my credit report contain and how important is it that I check it?