Legal FAQ 2015

You can download this 226 page .pdf file containing the 18th edition of our book of over 100 legal questions frequently asked by West Virginia seniors.

This is the print version of all the individual elderlaw questions and answers you can search and review on this website by clicking on Legal FAQ on the menu on the left of this page.  We update this book every year so if you have a previous edition we recommend you discard it and use the newest version.



18th phil’s edit final.pdf

Financial Powers of Attorney in WV

Financial powers of attorney can be inexpensive, flexible tools for authorizing someone else to manage your money and property, but they can also be abused by financial exploiters. In 2012 the Uniform Power of Attorney Act became effective in WV. This brochure describes how powers of attorney work under the new law. It is a .pdf file that prints on one sheet of legal size paper, front and back.

POA brochure.pdf

Dying Without A Will in WV

Who inherits from you if you die without a will?  If you die intestate, West Virginia statutory law ensures that your estate passes to your spouse and/or other relatives. The law determines who the recipients of your property are, and the amount the recipients receive depends on whether you are survived by a spouse, and if you have a spouse, the relation of any children you may have to your spouse. Download this pamphlet in .pdf format, designed to be printed on both sides of a legal size piece of paper.