Can I make a will in West Virginia if I own property in another state?

Yes, but the law governing the property may differ depending on what type of property you have. Real estate is treated differently under the law than other types of property. Real estate will transfer according to the law of the state in which the land is located. All other types of property will transfer according to the law of the state where the person lived. 

If you own real estate in another state, you must be certain of whether that state’s law will allow the property to transfer according to your will. You should check with an attorney practicing in the area where your property is located to see if your will is valid there. 

For more information, see: In re Estate of Briggs, 148 W. Va. 294, 134 S.E.2d 737 (1964); Woofter v. Matz, 71 W. Va. 63, 76 S.E. 131 (1912); Lotz v. Atamaniuk, 172 W. Va. 116, 304 S.E.2d 20 (1983); 20 Michie’s Jurisprudence Wills § 3 (2009).