Aging Program Laws and Regulations

Compilation of Critical Federal, State, Local Laws
And Regulations Impacting the Operation
West Virginia’s Area Agencies on Aging
County Senior Centers

Issued and updated by the Northwestern Agency on Aging
Wheeling, WV
March 17, 2011

from Lynn DiPasquale:


This compilation of federal, state, local laws and regulations is the result of conversations between the Northwestern Area Agency and a County Senior Center CEO. Our discussion began with the rather simple, we thought, observation of the many requests for information from many different “levels” we get on a daily basis. Our email conversation(s) subject line was “Can’t Catch Up”. The CEO said, “I would like to record all the different regulatory sources that a typical County provider must submit. It’s quite overwhelming. I don’t think anyone has a full understanding of the impact.”

The Compilation

The compilation is in three (3) sections: Program, Fiscal and General Administration. The purpose is to have a resource for Area Agency and County Senior Center Staff. Bear in mind that the compilation will be ever evolving and every attempt will be made to keep it current.

Table of Contents:

Program Law
Fiscal Law
General Administration Law