1.8 Unusual Clauses That Require Careful Consideration

There is no standard lease in WV. Leases can contain unexpected provisions, so landlords and tenants should carefully read the entire lease. Many clauses that may not be in the best interests of a tenant can appear in a lease. If any of the clauses such as those listed below appear in a lease, a tenant would be well advised to seek legal advice before signing the lease. These clauses include:

1. The tenant waives defects in the building, for example, elevator does not work

2. The landlord is not liable for damages arising from the premises, such as damages a fire caused by faulty electrical wiring

3. The tenant does not give written notice thirty days before the tenant wants to vacate the premises, and the lease is extended automatically to a period of time equal to the original lease or automatically renewed for another year

4. The tenant is liable for attorney fees and all legal costs arising from the lease

5. The tenant agrees to default judgment on controversy arising from the lease

6. The tenant agrees to replace the premises if they are destroyed

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