When can I cancel a contract that I have already signed?

A person may cancel a contract to buy goods in West Virginia under two circumstances: 

•the contract was made with a salesperson in the home; or 
•the contract is for future delivery of a correspondence course, multiple magazine subscriptions, or a contract for an occupational or business course with a privately owned school. 

Home Solicitation: You may cancel a home solicitation sale contract anytime within three days after the sale. Written notice of the cancellation must be mailed, but not necessarily received, within the three-day period. You cannot cancel if the contract was for goods needed immediately for an emergency or if you cannot return the goods to the seller in substantially as good a condition as when you received them. A home solicitation contract is not valid unless you have signed a statement entitled “BUYER’S RIGHT TO CANCEL,” which informs you of your right to cancel within three days. After you properly cancel, the seller must refund any down payment you made within 10 days. If you have received any goods, the seller must request them within 20 days. After that, you may keep them without charge. 

Magazine Subscriptions/Correspondence Course/Occupational or Business Courses: You may cancel multiple magazine subscriptions. This refers to subscriptions not directly purchased from the publisher for two or more different magazines. You may also cancel a contract for a correspondence course or an occupational or business course. All of these cancellations may be made at any time. 

You must send written notice of your intentions to cancel the contract. You do not have to pay for anything that is delivered to you after you mail the cancellation. In the case of correspondence courses, you cannot be charged an excessive amount for the goods you have already received. 

For more information, see: W. Va. Code §§ 46A-2-132 to -135, -138 (2015).