What are the signs of physical abuse and neglect?

Elder abuse, neglect, or exploitation can happen to any senior. There are victims among all communities, income levels, races, and religions. Every senior has a right to live free from abuse, neglect, and exploitation. There is no excuse for harming a senior. Elder abuse is a crime, though often a hidden one.

Abuse can take many forms, including but not limited to: 

•infliction of injury 
•mental abuse 
•depriving senior of food 
•depriving senior of needed assistive devices like walkers or wheelchairs 
•sexual assault 
•depriving senior of medical care 

A senior who has bruises or substantial weight loss without reasonable explanation, inadequate medical care or missing medicine, or substantial change in personality may be a victim of abuse or neglect.  

For more information, see: W. Va. Code §16-5S-11 (2015).