Glossary T

tenants by the entirety – A joint interest in land held by married people which entitles each to an equal interest in the whole with the right of survivorship. This type of tenancy can only be terminated by death, mutual agreement or divorce.

tenants in common
– A form of ownership whereby each tenant holds an undivided interest in the property. There is no right of survivorship.

terminal condition – An incurable condition caused by injury, disease or illness, which, in the judgment of the attending physician and a second physician, will result in death within a relatively short period of time.

testamentary intent – Intent that a document function as a last will and testament. For a will to be valid, the person who has the will must want to give the beneficiaries the property included in the will.

testator – The person for whom a will is created.

trespass – Unlawful intrusion onto another person’s property.

trust – An arrangement, administered by a trustee, whereby money or property is set aside for a designated beneficiary.

trustee – An individual responsible for administering a trust for the benefit of a designated beneficiary. A trustee may also be the beneficiary of a trust.