Glossary P

Peer Review Organization (PRO) – An enforcement organization in the Medicare program which monitors compliance with regulations and reviews applications.

Period of Consideration (POC) – The six-month period within which Medicaid calculates an individual’s spend down amount.

persistent vegetative state – A permanent and irreversible state as diagnosed by the attending physician and a second physician in which an individual has intact brain stem function but neither self-awareness nor awareness of his/her surroundings in a meaningful manner.

power of attorney – An advance directive which designates a trusted adult to make medical and/or financial decisions for an individual.

Preneed Guarantee Fund – A fund which reimburses people who lose money in pre-pay funeral contracts.

principal – When referring to money, the amount on which interest is earned or paid. In an advance directive, the individual who authorizes someone else to act as an agent on his or her behalf.

probate – After a person dies, the process in which his or her assets are collected, debts are paid, and the remainder is distributed to the heirs.

prove (a will)
– To determine that the will conforms to the guidelines set by law.

Public Service Commission (PSC) – A commission created by the legislature which supervises and regulates public utilities and cable television.

purging statute
– A West Virginia law which allows beneficiaries of a will to be witnesses as long as they forfeit their share of the estate.