2.11 Covenant for Quiet Enjoyment

West Virginia law grants tenants the right to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of their rental property as long as they are current in all rent payment owed. W.Va. Code ยง36-4-14. This means that as long as the tenant has paid all rent owed, the tenant has the right to enjoy the property without the interruption or disturbance by any person including the landlord.

It is unlawful for the landlord or any person to enter the premises without consent of the tenant, or reasonable notice in advance, except in emergency situations, such as threat to the health and safety of an individual or property. If the landlord violates the tenant’s right to quiet enjoyment by entering the premises without his or her permission or subjecting the tenant to other forms of harassment, then the tenant has the right to file suit against the landlord for trespass and invasion of the right to privacy.

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