1.5 Mobile Home Lot Rentals

If the lease is for the rental of a lot site, where the land is rented and a mobile home owned by the tenant is placed on the rented property, the lease must be in writing. The landlord must give the tenant a copy of the signed, written lease and of the relevant Article of the West Virginia Code within seven days of the tenant signing the rental agreement. W.Va. Code §37-15-3(a).

The basic agreement in a mobile home lot lease is that the landlord agrees to allow the tenant to live on and use the property and the tenant agrees to pay the landlord a certain amount of money for the exclusive use of that property. A mobile home lot lease normally contains the following information:

Length of the lease, for instance, one year or month-to-month

Rent amount and payment terms

Amount of security deposit (not to be used as rent, unless both the landlord and tenant agree)

Lease renewal terms

Notice requirements for terminating a lease

Name of landlord and tenant(s)

Exterior and/or interior maintenance responsibilities

Person responsible for paying the utility bills

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